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Winter Plumbing Prep

An Ounce of Prevention … Can Keep the Plumber Away There’s starting to be a little nip in the air which means colder winter temperatures are not far off.  Now’s the time, before it gets too cold to make the rounds around your home, to check for potential plumbing problems that could occur later. Make […]

Roots in Your Sewer Line

Roots In Your Sewer Line, A Common Problem Do you have these early signs that your main drain/sewer line could be partially blocked?  These include . . . Gurgling sounds coming from the toilet when you flush. Slow drains – including your toilet – that tend to backup. Clogs that keep returning after you’ve cleared […]

Well Water Testing

Does Your Well Water Need Testing? Many of us who reside outside the city limits depend on private wells for our water supply. Well water can sometimes not taste or smell the best, and if it has high sulfur or iron content, it can be a problem down the road with our plumbing. Even with […]

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Pure, Clear Water for Those Really Hot Days Lately it has been hot … real hot! Regardless of what you are doing, working, playing, or just hanging out, these hot days make us thirsty. Our bodies use water in many different ways. Along with quenching our thirst, it also lubricates our joints, nourishes and protects […]

Test Your Sump Pump Regularly

Testing Your Sump Pump Regularly Can Prevent a Big Mess Sump pumps are absolutely crucial in some homes because they are used to stop water from entering your basement. For homes with finished basements, this can prevent significant losses due to flooding. Sump pumps work hard to move water away from the home’s foundation, ensuring […]

Iron Water Filters

How to Remove Iron from Your Water A common question we hear is “Will my water softener remove iron from my water?” The answer to this is, “Yes, but very little.” Water softeners are designed to treat hard water by removing minerals, including small quantities of iron. In most cases a water softener alone is […]

Drain Cleaning Tips

Don’t Forget Your Drains When Spring Cleaning   Spring cleaning is a ritual many of us take part in every year when the temperatures warm and the days get longer.  This often entails cleaning windows, dusting everything, and making sure our homes smell fresh. But what about your drains? Don’t Wait for a Problem to […]

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades

Easy, Inexpensive Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades Let Brenneco Plumbing help increase the comfort and value of your home by updating your bathroom and kitchen with new faucet sets, sinks and toilets.  Brenneco Plumbing can also install new dishwashers and garbage disposals. Is Your Kitchen or Bathroom Showing Its Age? Are your faucets in your […]

Being Ready for Cold Weather

Frigid Temps Can Cause Significant Water Damage Frigid temperatures are forecast over the next several days and weeks. Taking a few preventative actions now can help avoid major plumbing issues and potential water damage to your home or business. Very cold weather can lead to broken water lines and substantial water damage, especially for older […]