backup sump pump system

Test Your Sump Pump

Rain, Rain Go Away From My House

Heavy spring rains can lead to water problems in your basement. For homes with finished basements, significant losses due to flooding can occur.

Sump pumps work hard to move water away from the home’s foundation, ensuring that your home remains free of water damage from built-up groundwater or an abundance of rainwater.

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backup sump pump system

Importance of Backup Sump Pumps

Why You May Need a Backup Sump Pump

The simple answer to this question is based on the value of your investment and property in your basement.  Is it fully finished with carpeting, furniture, electronics and other refinements?  Even if not completely finished, do you store items on the floor that water will ruin?  If so, a backup sump pump would be a wise investment.

finished basement

Sump pumps protect those important and valuable items we keep in the basement.

Backup Sump Pumps Protect Our Valuable Possessions

Many families have turned their basements into some very nice social spaces.  Workshops, playrooms, entertainment centers, exercise rooms, and man caves can now all be found in our home’s lowest level.  Normally at the same level as our water heaters, furnaces, and the out of the way, not often thought about, sump pump. Read more

Replacing sump pump

Sump Pump Winter Maintenance

Don’t Neglect Your Sump Pump This Winter

For those who depend on their sump pump to keep their basements dry, it is important not to neglect your sump pump over the winter months. You want to make sure it is ready when the snow melts and the rains come in the spring.

Replacing sump pump

Routine winter maintenance on your sump pump will ensure it is ready when needed.

7 Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Sump Pump

  1. Remove your sump pump’s discharge hose for the winter. Once cold weather arrives remove your sump pump’s discharge hose and leave it off until warmer weather returns. This prevents damage to the hose if water were to freeze in it. Don’t forget to reattach the discharge hose when warmer temps return. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra hose available.
  2. Never unplug your sump pump. There is no real reason to unplug your sump pump. By keeping it powered, it is available to run even during the winter months when an early thaw or heavy rain could lead to flooding in your basement.
  3. Look for debris in your sump pump’s pit. Making sure there’s no dirt, sludge, ice or other debris in your sump pump’s pit will prevent clogs in your pump’s intake or discharge pipes. Call a professional to clean your sump pump pit to prevent significant problems later.
  4. Keep an eye on the pump’s float. Is the float resting on top of the water and is it able to move freely? If it’s blocked or no longer floating, it’s not going to work correctly.
  5. Pouring water into sump pump

    Test your sump pump over the winter to make sure it is working properly.

    Test your pump regularly. Run a little water through your sump pump during the winter to make sure it is working properly. And if you removed the hose earlier, make sure to reattach it before you test.

  6. Your discharge pipe needs to direct water away from your home. If it’s too close, that water can seep back into your sump, causing your sump pump to run continuously. We recommend that water be discharged at least 10 feet away from your home’s foundation.
  7. Keep your heat on. Your basement can get cold — and your sump pump’s pit and pipes can get even colder. Make sure to keep your heat on and heat your basement normally. This can prevent any of your home’s pipes from freezing.

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Sump pumps are not difficult to install or maintain, but if you need help, Brenneco Plumbing is available to check your sump pump and perform any necessary maintenance. Call us at 765-448-6190.

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Test Your Sump Pump Regularly

Testing Your Sump Pump Regularly Can Prevent a Big Mess

sump pumpSump pumps are absolutely crucial in some homes because they are used to stop water from entering your basement. For homes with finished basements, this can prevent significant losses due to flooding.

Sump pumps work hard to move water away from the home’s foundation, ensuring that your home remains free of water damage from built-up groundwater or an abundance of rainwater.

How Often Should A Sump Pump Be Tested?

Sump pumps require regular testing. How often varies depending on how often it runs and the amount of particulate that is found in your ground water.  In most cases, sump pumps should be tested every three to four months. This should involve opening the inlet screen and cleaning it, as well as, inspecting for any worn electrical cords.

The pit in which the sump pump sits should also be inspected for size and depth, as well as for evidence that the pump is working well. And the discharge location should be inspected to make sure the system is draining properly.

backup sump pump system

Sump pumps protect those important items we keep in our basements.

Do You Need A Back Up System?

Unfortunately sump pumps are mechanical devices that will eventually fail. Most are also electrically powered and do us little good when our electricity goes out in the midst of a severe storm.

To address the somewhat inevitable event of the primary sump pump in your home failing, or not working due to a power outage, backup sump pump systems are available. They come in different configurations and varying degrees of capability.

What to do if your sump pump is not working.

If you find that your sump pump is not working properly, it is important to have it repaired or replaced quickly.  Not knowing when Mother Nature will strike again, you want to make sure your sump pump is ready when it is needed.

Give Brenneco Plumbing a call at 765-448-6190 if you need help replacing your sump pump or want to look into installing a back-up sump pump system. We’ll be happy to discuss your options.