Choosing a Plumber

Your Options When Calling a Plumber

Licensed, experienced plumber

Certified, experienced plumbers can offer several options to address your plumbing problem.

When a plumber or any trades person is called to make a service call there are normally several options available to solve your problem.

If a water line is leaking, there may be a simple fix, like patching the hole in the pipe … or you may find that, although the pipe is leaking in one spot, the entire pipe is corroded and it may be wiser to replace the entire section of pipe.

You Get What You Pay For

In most cases whatever solution you choose you typically get what you pay for.  If you patch the hole in the pipe, it will be less expensive now, until the pipe springs a leak in a different place, and you need another repair done to fix the new leak.  At this point you have the same choices to make.  Do you fix just the leak or replace the section of corroded pipe that is likely to leak again?

All of these choices come with different costs and levels of inconvenience.  The simple solution is a quick fix and less expensive.  The more involved repair will be more expensive, take longer, and possibly cause other work to have to be done.  We all know the tradeoffs.  One solution is less expensive, but may not prevent the problem from reoccurring, while the other more costly approach will eliminate the problem.

Man thinking about which  plumber to choose.So How Do I Know What is the Best Solution

Picking the best solution depends on several factors.

  • How much money are you willing to spend on the repair? In some cases doing the simple fix more than once is still less expensive than digging into your home’s slab and replacing the entire pipe.
  • Is your home a short term or long term investment?
  • How frequently does the problem occur?
  • Can you live with the inconvenience of a particular problem?

When all these factors are considered, it will be clearer as to what solution is best for you.

Find a Trusted Local Plumber

Brenneco team

Brenneco Plumbing Service Team

In the trades there are a wide range of businesses with different capabilities.  Everything from your father-in-law to the licensed plumber.  There is also the handy man with some skill in various areas to the certified technician that is expert in their field.

What level of expertise your job requires depends on its complexity.  Often those without proper training can overlook problems that can lead to bigger issues, and ultimately cost you more time and money.  It is always best to find a trusted local business that specializes in the area you need help in.  You’ll find those that invest in training and proper equipment; are available when you need them; and will work a problem until you are satisfied; are a great resource to have available to you.