Does a Water Softener Make Your Drinking Water Salty?

If you’re concerned whether a water softener might add salt to your drinking water, don’t fret; in short, the answer is no. Read on to learn about the simple science behind water softeners and the benefits of having one installed in your home.

The Science

Water softeners do not add salt (sodium chloride) to your water, but they do add cup-1230651_960_720sodium in very small amounts. The amount added depends on how much calcium and magnesium are present in your tap water, since sodium ions in the water softener change places with the hard minerals in your water; this is called ion exchange. However, even with very hard water, a water softener will only add what the FDA considers “very low sodium” per glass (around 35 mg or about 1.5% of your daily limit of sodium). For reference, 1 tablespoon of ketchup has about 6 times that amount of sodium. Health experts agree that if you are seeking to reduce your family’s sodium intake, limiting sodium in the foods you eat is much more effective than avoiding the trace amounts present in softened drinking water.

The Taste

With a water softener, your water will not taste salty because no salt is added, only sodium. In fact, the taste of your water will likely improve due to the removal of the hard minerals that may have been causing a metallic taste in your water.

The Benefits

Aside from improving the taste of your water, the following are more benefits that softened water offers:

  • Eliminated buildup: A water softener eliminates the minerals that build up on mixer-tap-413745_960_720your clothing and fabrics over time, giving your home softer laundry that stays whiter and brighter longer. For the same reason, you family’s hair will be silkier and skin will be less dry.
  • Reduced housework: Hard minerals are also responsible for buildup of soap scum and limescale, as well as spots on dishes and glassware, so a water softener will effectively reduce the amount of housework in your home.
  • Longer-lasting appliances: A water softener protects the rubber seals on large appliances and reduces buildup in all appliances that use water, such as your water heater, washing machine, and even your coffee pot.
  • Lower costs: With softened water, energy costs are also reduced due to the absence of buildup and deposits that can limit the efficiency of your appliances. Additionally, you’ll save on products you used to need to combat hard water problems, such as fabric softener, limescale remover, and heavy duty cleaning products.

The Experts

If you’re interested in eliminating minerals from your hard water or just looking to save on energy costs, contact a plumber who specializes in water treatment systems. An experienced plumber will be able to test your water and propose a solution, leaving you with all of the benefits listed above!
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