Hot Water Heater $$$$ Saving Tips

Energy Star rated products use less energy.

Water heaters are among the highest energy-consuming appliances in your home. Water heating accounts for about 18% of your home’s energy use.

Energy Star estimates that households spend between $400 and $600 on heating water every year for things like laundry, showers, and washing dishes, making water heaters the second most energy-consuming appliance in your home.

Hot Water Heater Energy Saving Tips

Heating water requires more energy than any other household task except heating and cooling your home. Making sure your water heater is as efficient as it can be, will save you money.

Upgrade to an ENERGY STAR Rated Water Heater
ENERGY STAR products are the most efficient appliances on the market. If you’re looking to upgrade your water heater, consider an ENERGY STAR-rated heater. While some may be a little more expensive, you’ll save money in the long run by having a much more efficient and cost-effective water heater

Setting water heater temperature

Turn down the temperature setting on your water heater.

Lower the Temperature on Your Water Heater to 120°
Many manufacturers set the temperature of their water heaters to 140 degrees. However, a temperature setting of 120 degrees is sufficient for hot water in most homes. It’s estimated that for every 10 degrees that you lower your water heater’s temperature setting, that you can save 3-5 percent off of your energy bill.

Install a Low Flow Shower Head
Installing a low-flow shower head saves a lot of water and reduces how hard your water heater has to work to warm the water you use when showering. Low-flow shower heads are cheap and easy to install and will save on your electricity costs.

Cold Wash Your Laundry
Heating laundry water is one of the most energy-demanding activities you do in your home. Most experts suggest that you can get your clothes just as clean with cold water.  So why not save some money by washing on cold.

Placing insulation around your water heater reduces heat loss and increases efficiency.

Insulate Your Water Heater
Adding additional insulation around the hot water tank will reduce heat loss. There are hot water heater insulation kits available that are easy to install.  Where practical, insulating the hot water pipes in your home will also prevent heat loss. This reduces the amount of water and energy needed the next time you turn on the hot water.

Fix Water Leaks Wherever They Appear
Plumbing leaks can affect your utility bill more than you might think. Even small faucet leaks waste 1,661 gallons of water per year. Having to replace hot water from leaks leads to your hot water heater running more and using more energy.

Is it cheaper to run a gas hot water heater or electric hot water heater?
Overall, you’ll likely spend less money running a gas water heater than using an electric water heater. Still, because the costs of both natural gas and electricity vary by region, you should compare the price of each before making your final decision.

Easy to Overlook

Performing a few easy tasks can ensure your water heater is as energy efficient as it can be.  Saving you money now and extending the life of your water heater in the future.