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How big of a water heater should I get?

Are you thinking about getting a new water heater? Maybe your unit is getting older or it’s just not performing the way you think it should. If you are replacing your water heater, the question of size is going to come up at some point.

In consideration of water heaters, bigger isn’t always better. A water heater tank that is too small will put you in danger of running out of hot water when you need it most. On the other hand, a water heater with a tank that is too big will waste energy on heating water that you and your family will never use.

This means that determining the right size for your situation is vital. The good news? This is easier to do than every before! All you need to do is a follow a few tips and do a little research. You should be able to find the perfect solution for your situation!

There are, essentially, two factors to take in to consideration when factoring the size of the water heater you should get, the FHR and the EF.

The FHR stands for “First Hour Rating”. This is the measure of quantity of hot water needed during the first hour of high demand. To locate the FHR rating, look at the “Energy Guide” label that is placed on the water heater. To determine what FHR rating you need, simply do the following:

Assume that each individual within your household will need 12 gallons of hot water.
Calculate the maximum of the home by taking the number of bedrooms + 1.
Take the maximum occupancy multiplied by the 12 gallons number to establish your minimum FHR

Now, access the EF, or energy factor. It’s best to assume that the higher the EF, the better or more money you will save. For your home, you should consider finding the water heater with the highest EF rating with the minimum FHR you have calculated.

Having a water heater that perfectly fits your situation will leave everyone happy and your wallet full!

Finding the right water heater is only the first step. Having a qualified professional install it is the second. At Brenneco Plumbing, we can help with both steps. Let’s talk soon!