Red Stains in Sinks and Drains

How Do I Get Rid of the Red Stains in My Sinks and Drains?

Red stains in your sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and drains are a result of iron in your water supply.

If you have red or brown deposits in your sinks or drains, then you most likely have a high concentration of iron in your water. An excessive level of iron is a common problem and one that an iron filter is designed to remedy.

Will a Water Softener Remove Iron?

A common question we hear is “Will my water softener remove iron from my water?” The answer to this is, “Yes, but very little.” Water softeners are designed to treat hard water by removing minerals, including small quantities of iron. In most cases a water softener alone is not an effective solution for removing iron from water.

Iron Filters Offer a Number of Advantages

Since a water softener alone will not solve the problem of excess iron in your water, installing an iron water filter will capture the iron precipitate, leaving the water iron-free.  This has a number of benefits including ….

  1. iron water filter systems

    Iron water filters can significantly improve the quality of your water.

    Removal of Sulfur and Rust
    In addition to removing iron from the water, iron water filters also eliminate sulfur and manganese. Excess iron in the water causes the appliances using it to rust and corrode quickly, while an excessive amount of sulfur results in a pungent, rotten egg smell.

  2. Sediment Removal
    Iron water filters can effectively remove sediments as tiny as 20 – 40 microns from your water supply. Sediments in large quantities can make water unfit for drinking and other uses.
  3. Reduces Damage to Showers and Other Fixtures
    Reducing rust stains and minimizing the damage to pipes, faucets, showers, sinks, tubs and toilets is another benefit of iron water filters.
  4. Cleaner Laundry
    Eliminating excessive iron when doing your laundry will also have your clothes looking brighter and lasting longer
  5. Improves Taste of Drinking Water
    The quality of drinking water is considerably enhanced by an iron water filter that eliminates odors and harmful chemicals.
  6. Low Maintenance
    Iron water filters require little maintenance. Unlike water softeners, there is no salt to add and trapped particles are flushed down the drain.  Regular filter changes are all that is needed.

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