Spring Sump Pump Maintenance

You Really Want Your Sump Pump to Work Properly

Routine maintenance on your sump pump will ensure it is ready when needed.

For those who depend on their sump pump to keep their basement dry, it is important to take some simple measures to ensure your sump pump is in proper working order before the spring rains come. 

Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Sump Pump This Spring

  1. Look for debris in your sump pump’s pit. Make sure there’s no dirt, sludge or other debris in your sump pump’s pit. These foreign objects can cause clogs in your pump’s intake or discharge pipes.
  2. Inspect the intake valve and impeller. Your sump pump consists of many moving parts that can wear down or need replacement.
  3. Keep an eye on the pump’s float. Is the float resting on top of the water and is it able to move freely? If it’s blocked or no longer floating, it’s not going to work correctly.
  4. Test your sump pump periodically to make sure it is working properly.

    Your discharge pipe needs to direct water away from your home. If it’s too close, that water can seep back into your sump, causing your sump pump to run continuously. We recommend that water be discharged at least 10 feet away from your home’s foundation.

  5. Test and replace batteries. If you have a sump pump alarm, you need to check the batteries and replace them at least once a year.
  6. Test your pump regularly. Run a little water through your sump pump periodically to make sure it is always working properly.

Do You Need a Back Up Sump Pump?

The reality is that in most cases if your home loses power due to a storm or other reason, your sump pump will not work. Sump pumps can also fail on their own without any indication.

Battery backup sump pumps are a second sump pump that is placed in the pit with the primary unit.  If the primary pump fails, then the secondary pump kicks in.  These units are easy to find and do not necessarily require a professional to install.  Batteries do need to be inspected periodically and the backup pump run occasionally to make sure everything is in working order.

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Sump pumps are not difficult to install or maintain, but if you need help, Brenneco Plumbing is available to check your sump pump and perform any necessary maintenance. Call us at 765-448-6190.