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What is a video drain inspection and how does it work?

Plumbing in Lafayette, Indiana has gone high tech. Say goodbye to the days of guessing where a drain line or sewer blockage might be. No more random hole digging in your yard leaving the neighbors to take bets on if you’re going to make their day and install a swimming pool. Plumbers can now utilize high resolution video cameras for video drain inspections. These offer a real-time look at the drain lines throughout your home and offer a view inside pipes buried under your house or embedded in a cement foundation.

The genius behind the camera is your best asset. Our trained Lafayette, Indiana area plumbers can diagnose the issues as they appear onscreen. The flexible video tube allows the camera to easily turn corners, snake through tight spots, and see existing or potential problems. If there is a blockage present, and the camera can break through it, you may be able to see as far as the city sewer lines.

Along with recording images, which can be saved for your records, transmitters are located on the camera which report the depth and location from ground level. This is critical to diagnose where the blockage has occurred or what issue is causing problems. Video drain inspections have made guessing obsolete. Real time pictures and location save you the cost of trial and error hunting to find the problem.

The images your plumber shares with you can reveal some interesting things. Broken, loose, or misaligned pipes, invading tree roots, grease buildups, pipe corrosion or older pipes no longer able to take on the job can all be seen in great detail. The video drain inspection can always be repeated after service is complete so you feel confident that the problem was solved. That diamond ring you lost while doing dishes? Your Lafayette, IN plumber may be able to spot and recover that as well.

How do you know if you need a video drain inspection? If you experience problems such as water draining slowly from sinks or bathtubs, or water and/or sewage backups of any kind, this technology is for you. If you’re shopping for a new home, this may be a service to consider, too. You’ll be able to see issues in the lines which may help you make a sound decision on whether this home is for you.

Video drain inspections are not something homeowners should take on themselves. The equipment available for you to rent does not include cables long enough for extensive viewing, and may not provide clear pictures. A plumber also has the trained eye to see where small issues are on the verge of becoming major problems. Rented cameras will also not provide location transmission, which puts you back into the dark ages as far as hunting and pecking where the problem is actually located.

It’s important to call in a professional when it comes to drain service. If they locate a blockage, its critical pinpoint if it’s lodged in your home drain lines or the municipal sewer lines. Is it a homeowner issue or a city sewer issue? A video drain inspection gives your plumber the information, and video images, to see where along the lines the problem lies.