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What Water Softener should I buy?

What water softener should I buy?

We get asked this question with frequency! So don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s easy to spot hard water problems, it’s difficult to figure out how to solve them.

“Hard water” is the term we use when discussing water that has excess minerals present. These minerals are, more often than not, introduced at the water source. The problems associated with hard water are easy to spot. Does it seem like your dish washer has a hard time getting your dishes clean? Are you seeing staining in your toilet or tub? Does it seem hard to “lather” your soap in the shower? Does it seem like your coffee maker or other appliances that depend on water seem to malfunction or quit working efficiently?

These are all definite signs of hard water. To verify, you can do your own water test. You can buy one online here.

So, all of the signs are there and the water test confirms it. You have hard water. What water softener should you buy? This is largely dictated by your situation. We know that sounds like a cop out, but it’s the truth. Your water source, your house, and your needs are all factors that come in to play. Here are a few different types of water softeners you can see. Remember, you can always call us to get an opinion. We want what’s best for you!

There are essentially two types of water softeners. The main difference is one kind uses salt and one does not. At Brenneco Plumbing, it’s our experience that homes in the Greater Lafayette area do better with water softeners that use salt.

This means, the two main options are single tank and dual tank. The easiest way to decide which you need from these categories centers around how much soft water you need at any one time. Larger families should seriously consider the dual tank. It has a much better chance to  keep up with the needs of the household.

Now, you can choose different models within each type depending on the features you feel you need. Some models come with automatic features that help save water. Other models come with features that can recycle salt. These are things to talk to your professional Lafayette Plumber about.

Two models for you to seriously consider are the Hellenbrand Promate 6 or the Hellenbrand E3. These would be great models for you to consider if you’re starting your search. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!