frozen faucet

Winter Plumbing Prep

An Ounce of Prevention … Can Keep the Plumber Away

frozen faucet

Take a few easy steps in the fall to prevent cold temperatures from causing plumbing problems this winter.

There’s starting to be a little nip in the air which means colder winter temperatures are not far off.  Now’s the time, before it gets too cold to make the rounds around your home, to check for potential plumbing problems that could occur later.

  1. Make sure you do not leave any hoses connected to your outdoor faucets. This can lead to your faucet freezing and breaking causing significant water damage.
  1. You will also want to check your faucets for any leaks and drips, and fix these prior to cold weather setting in.
  1. Drain all hoses of any remaining water and store them in your garage or shed. This will keep them from freezing and the plastic hose from splitting.
  1. Close and insulate crawl space vents. Check for any air leaks where cold air can enter a crawl space and lead to pipes freezing.  Add insulation where needed.
  1. frozen hose

    Don’t forget to disconnect, drain and store your hoses this fall.

    Check the insulation of pipes in your crawl spaces and attic. Insulate exposed water pipes with spray insulation, heat tape, or wrap insulation around the pipes.

  1. For those with water heaters and softeners in their garages, make sure the seal around your garage door is tight, and put insulation blankets around your appliances.
  1. Clean out your gutters of leaves and other debris. This ensures that water flows away from your home and prevents water from causing mold and foundation issues.

Brenneco Plumbing Can Help

For those repairs that you can’t handle yourself, Brenneco Plumbing is happy to visit your home or commercial property to make any necessary repairs. Please give us a call at 765-448-6190.

Don’t get caught in the middle of the winter with frozen or broken water pipes.  Water damage from broken pipes can be extensive.  Check now to avoid bigger issues when the temperatures drop.